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This week in Calgary

I have been in Calgary now for 3 days and I have found out the secret to success, its time travel. I have decided that I am going to spend 1 month in Toronto set up all the work I have to do and than start traveling back in time. Calgary is 2 hours behind so that is an extra 2 hours of work, if I go back another 2 hours that 4 extra hours of work etc. I believe that if I tap into this properly I am on to something huge.

Also In the mall I saw a lady projectile vomit which was gross, a baby was staring at me and walked into a chair, and got into a fight with a waitress cause this was trying to tell me a sandwich nick name is “sammy” . All in all its been a good time, shows have been amazing thanks to Derek Sweet and James Moore both sold out shows. Tonight I am at Jupiter Lounge and Chris Gordons show. Thurs-Sat I am at Laugh Shop –

Next week in Toronto I am pumped to be part of The Most Races show on Earth April 14th Markam Theatre

Make sure you check out for updates to the Twitter Gong Show which is April 17th – cause we will be reviling the New web series “#HASHTAG” also the Twitter Gong Show official website that has all the update’s and you will be able to watch the show there, as well as video’s web series and a lot more…

Stay tuned for more updates and stupid thoughts, before I leave here is a line from a movie that i made up in my head:

OPen on a small town with old mentallty and the “town bully” is a 6 ft male with an attitude problem. Claude moves into the town and the “bully has a issue with this”

Claude is waiting in line and the bully Leonard cuts in front of him


hey man I am sorry you just cut in front of me in this line


you must not know who I am.


you must be the town genius

everyone in the place starts “wooing”



First Blog Of 12.

First of all what is a blog, its the year 12 and I have no idea what I am doing I came across this computer and a comedian named Mark DeBonis left some words on paper, here is what it said:

Dear World,

How have you been? I have been alright, just got passed the holidays and it was good for family and all but bad for comedy- There was no shows for a long time, and the ones I did were nothing to write home about. I understand the irony of this cause I am writing. The Twitter Gong show #3, was a mini success again, but more for the “behind the scenes” stuff a lot of kinks were taken care off, and January will be packed with shows, it started with a week long trip to New York City which was awesome and followed with opening for Tom Green and headlining all at the same time… I have left a list of dates for comedy shows I will be doing and will try to write to you more oftten Mark from the past,

I love you,

Mark “from the future” DeBonis

JFL (Just for Laughs)- New show updates

Last week I was in the Just for Laughs fest, and took part in the Home Grown Competition and placed runner up meaning i got 2 more shows out of it. It was a good experience and i had a really fun time. Dave Merheje won (here is a pic after the show)

we actually were happy just dont take good pics.

It was an amazing line up and was over all an amazing show- I just want to say thanks for everyone who took part and helped out-

I will be in Montreal for another 2 weeks doing the clubs, more updates to come.

also check out the new shows there is updates for my upcoming gigs and here is the link for teh “twitter Gong Show” on send us your talent

Craigslist Ad


Just For Laughs 




2 posts 1 month!!– New show ” Twitter Gong Show”

Hey guys I know how crazy this is but i am just letting you know that i am starting a new show, its a TWITTER GONG SHOW, its pretty straight forward- The act is on stage and there is a live twitter feed to decide when they get gonged- I will be hosting and there will be 3 Judges Matt O’Brien- Garrett Jamison– Rob Bebenek. There will be more updates soon but for now follow us on twitter at Twitter Gong show  so you can be apart of the gonging– if interested in being on our first show email us at— more info at Twitter Gong show Kind of Official Page. Thanks Mark



My once a month blog are you pumped..

Hey so i realized i only do this once a month, only when i update my shows so ya there is not much i gotta say just this week I will be on XM radio with Ben Miner, check that out AND the Laugh Off will air Saturday I believe, not sure what time sorry. So check out the show listing and also click this link to more details about shows that I will be producing this month

thanks cowboys and aliwomen


Pod cast will be recorded Monday.april.11th

DVD is booked for June. 4th

DVD Tour May 25th-28th

Web Series in Production

Stand UP clips To Be uploaded..

Once upon a time, when my jokes were thoughts #1- The Gym

So after about 4 years I had to go back to the gym cause I told myself if i ever weighted more than 230, I would have to get back in shape. So 2 years of being 240 and a girlfriend in the picture, I

finally went back. I am not gonna lie I really dont know if I am a fan of the gym anymore, the people in there are people I really cant stand or just dont understand. My size adds to the expectation

that people have for me when I walk in, its a constant competition in there, who can lift the most weights, the fastest and loudest. I have realized that I have no interest in becoming a body builder

a long time ago so I have no interest in having biceps, so curling 60+ pounds is really doing nothing but giving me a head ache. And at this gym I am at they have a sign up board for the cardio

equipment, which to me makes no sense, cause if i walk in and there is no one on the machine I am pretty much gonna just use it, I dont need some person who decides to grow a pair of balls to tell

me too get off “their” machine cause they put there name in marker on a white board an hour ago, and I am ruining there routine by being there at that point of time. And than you have the people

who just have way too much time on their hands, or just enjoying showing off that that are well off and have nothing else to do, cause I was at the gym and me and this guy walk in at the same

time and I go straight to the machine and he does straight to the mats and starts stretching (which i am aware its something that should be done and i have maybe never done it before) I continue

my exercise and do everything i planned on doing, I like to finish with a little cardio so i go back in to use the machines and this guy is still stretching. I could not believe it, I mean who has an

hour and a half to just stretch, you know. Like I am a person with little to nothing to do on a daily basis but that is a joke, unless this guy’s sole purpose of the gym this day was just too stretch,

than at that point he is just showing off his stretching abilities cause he could of just stayed at home, but in that scenario the people at the gym could not go home wishing there were as flexible as

this hipster pretzel. It was at this point I wish I was the type of person who was able to just motivate himself in any area, cause I realized how much I hated going to the gym and wished I was able

to work out at home, or just kick the guy in the back and getting credit for it not a record. So now I realize the importance of an ipod in the gym and the ability to have tunnel vision, cause in the end

the guy who see me staring at him in the gym does not think that its a stare of me wanting to kick him, those days are over. Now it seems that its a stare of me wanting to ask his name.


Once upon a Time when my Jokes were just thoughts…

Alright i am gonna try this again, and hopefully keep it up to date. Its gonna be a much SHORTER “blog” about things that at one point in my life was just me stating the obvious, but now is me trying material on people around me. Hope you enjoy,