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On tour So far… and a dream invention I had…

I have been on the road now for a couple weeks and have done some awesome shows, met some awesome people and eaten some good food.

Here is a quick story about last night in Grande Prairie. I’m trying to sell my album on tour which is not going well. I hate selling my own stuff. After the show I sold zero, and walked around the casino that the show is in. Met a guy in the crowd we started talking and he gave me $20 to gamble for my album. I let it ride and lost it all. 

Twenty minutes later a cowboy named “Chance” came to the table who is a local legend for saving 4 horses that got lose during a rodeo. Anyways he sits down and introduces himself to me, only if I know what would happen in 5 minutes. Five minutes later he drops his wallet and I’m like “hey man you dropped your wallet” he picks it up and is like “No good deep goes unrewarded” and he gives me $25. I let it ride and lost it all. 

That is my story. it’s sad I know. 

But every now and again I have a dream about some sort of invention and this is one I had a couple weeks ago. It is the IPHONE RAZOR pretty much is what it sounds like, you plus it in to your phone and it uses the vibrate on the phone to turn the razor on. Iphone Ravor

Anyways there will be more updates and dreams soon… Hope you enjoy.


My once a month blog are you pumped..

Hey so i realized i only do this once a month, only when i update my shows so ya there is not much i gotta say just this week I will be on XM radio with Ben Miner, check that out AND the Laugh Off will air Saturday I believe, not sure what time sorry. So check out the show listing and also click this link to more details about shows that I will be producing this month

thanks cowboys and aliwomen

People may actually read this(but probably not)

Hey everyone whats going on, I have realized that i suck at blogging and probably will never be good at it, but that does not bother me i will have to find a new way to keep in touch with who ever comes across this site mostly by accident. My Blogs are either too long or dont make sense so until i find a new form of talking to you i am just gonna let you know about a couple media things i will be apart of for the next couple week-

June 3rd i will be on Daytime Toronto on Rogers TV airing at 10am-3pm-12am

June 9-20th I will have an ad in the Now Magazine promoting my website, shows and MDB services

June 30th-July 7th I will be on XM Radio with Ben Miner

More Details to come with all and until i find a better way I will just talk to you in person like humans used too do.


Pod cast will be recorded Monday.april.11th

DVD is booked for June. 4th

DVD Tour May 25th-28th

Web Series in Production

Stand UP clips To Be uploaded..