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I hate blogging but want you to look at my web site

I think its pretty obvious that I am not a man of the printed word i feel like blogging is a new way for people to talk and I think we have enough ways as it is (cell phones, videos, paintings and good old fashion talking). I feel like we are creating all these new languages in a way where some people speak them better than others, like text messaging for example, before you had to speak Italian to your friend to trash talk some one in front of you but now, you can all be speaking english and text your friend about how stupid this guys face is and he has no idea. In the end all I am saying is I am still trying to figure out English so until that is good don’t expect me to have  crazy blog about thoughts that I could just tell you in conversation. But please check my site out and what ever else I am doing,



Twittergongshow May 29th The Rivoli

My shows are updated so hopefully see you out there 

don’t forget to check out 

4th episode of Hashtag


Twitter Gong show Success!!!


Hey everyone, so this is my monthly have assed update- so too start off we did the twitter gong show and it ended up being awesome. pretty much sold out and everyone had a good time between live tweets and the acts on stage- i think it actually worked out too a certain point. The whole show ran off “winging it” cause we also had no idea what was going on but its safe too say there will be another run hopefully alot smoother.

 In other news I went to Montreal for awhile and ended doing a good run of shows which is always a fun time but this time was the first show i was booked on as a feature and it was the “BadFellas” show was was Massimo, Guido Cocomelle and Me. The show ended also being awesome and we are looking to cut a demo and take this show on the road- Its a show with Italians but little to know Italian material, so i am pretty pumped about seeing how this pans out.

Either and that, there is a bunch of shows coming up in September I am looking forward too and co-producing two of them so hopefully see you out there and stay tuned for updates on new shows, clips and other stuff.





2 posts 1 month!!– New show ” Twitter Gong Show”

Hey guys I know how crazy this is but i am just letting you know that i am starting a new show, its a TWITTER GONG SHOW, its pretty straight forward- The act is on stage and there is a live twitter feed to decide when they get gonged- I will be hosting and there will be 3 Judges Matt O’Brien- Garrett Jamison– Rob Bebenek. There will be more updates soon but for now follow us on twitter at Twitter Gong show  so you can be apart of the gonging– if interested in being on our first show email us at— more info at Twitter Gong show Kind of Official Page. Thanks Mark