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Nike “Flushes” The Worlds First Public Restroom Friendly Shoe…

I have designed a new shoe that I am trying to get Nike to see. I think in this day and age they can be a hit.

Let me know what you think, and let Nike know.



This week in Da Loop…

Hey people so the NXNE fest was awesome shows were packed and we got some good footage. The Gong show went over well for the most part, it took people a while to understand what was going on but when they did it was good. Anyways this week there is a lot going on and Facebook will get annoying so I am just going to post here and if you happen to read and re post that will be amazing. 

So this Wednesday is The weekly show I do at La Revolucion 10pm $2 Taco’s -Line up TBA

Thursday is the Start of a new Monthly show I will be doing in Scarborough at the Loaded Dog, this show will be a special event its the first BADFELLA’S of Comedy show we are doing in Ontario, 5 shows in Ottawa and Montreal that had sell out’s and now Scarborough. That will be 7pm at the Loaded Dog Warden and Lawrence 

Friday is the BADFELLA’S in Toronto at the Comedy Bar 8pm $10

Saturday is BADFELLA’S London Ontario 10pm $10 Big League Comedy

Sunday is the grand opening of the New WEEKLY SHOW I am doing at the Monarch Tavern. Line UP TBA show time 9pm

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you around.

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I hate blogging but want you to look at my web site

I think its pretty obvious that I am not a man of the printed word i feel like blogging is a new way for people to talk and I think we have enough ways as it is (cell phones, videos, paintings and good old fashion talking). I feel like we are creating all these new languages in a way where some people speak them better than others, like text messaging for example, before you had to speak Italian to your friend to trash talk some one in front of you but now, you can all be speaking english and text your friend about how stupid this guys face is and he has no idea. In the end all I am saying is I am still trying to figure out English so until that is good don’t expect me to have  crazy blog about thoughts that I could just tell you in conversation. But please check my site out and what ever else I am doing,



Twittergongshow May 29th The Rivoli

My shows are updated so hopefully see you out there 

don’t forget to check out 

4th episode of Hashtag

First Blog Of 12.

First of all what is a blog, its the year 12 and I have no idea what I am doing I came across this computer and a comedian named Mark DeBonis left some words on paper, here is what it said:

Dear World,

How have you been? I have been alright, just got passed the holidays and it was good for family and all but bad for comedy- There was no shows for a long time, and the ones I did were nothing to write home about. I understand the irony of this cause I am writing. The Twitter Gong show #3, was a mini success again, but more for the “behind the scenes” stuff a lot of kinks were taken care off, and January will be packed with shows, it started with a week long trip to New York City which was awesome and followed with opening for Tom Green and headlining all at the same time… I have left a list of dates for comedy shows I will be doing and will try to write to you more oftten Mark from the past,

I love you,

Mark “from the future” DeBonis