Is the world ready for Netflix?

And when I say the world I mean myself… I am aware that Netflix has been out for a while now and when it came out it was amazing; tv, movies, documentaries any time of the day! Are you kidding me. But just like anything too much of a good thing is bad, after one year on Netflix you start to build an immunity to it, you are going through mental training in “binge watching” one movie a week turns to two, that turns to 7 that turns to 2 a day. You can never get enough, it’s probably one of the only services that people pay for and forget that you pay every month. After a couple years Netflix was like “hey why don’t we make our own stuff!” Now this is where the problem is in my mind, and when I say problem I mean I have no patience, love closure and really am looking for anything new to watch. This is a bad combination with Binge watching cause when I was a kid a whole season would last like a season, I am talking 12-14 weeks of TV and by the end of it you don’t even care and need a break before the next season started. With Netflix releasing so many 1st season series and we the people having the ability to binge watch it is killing me, cause now what was a whole season of a show is pretty much one episode. And who knows which shows will be made into second seasons. So I now have all of these story lines in my brain with no closure. All I am saying is Netflix better start making some second seasons cause I have a lot of unanswered questions.

This is a picture of showing how Netflix is just as bad as any other drug out there…


That being said Stranger Things Season 2, Jessica Jones Season 2, The Get Down Part 2 and a bunch others better start making some moves…


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