**THIS WHOLE MESSAGE WAS WRITTEN BY MY LEFT HAND** Not to brag or anything but I am a ambidextrous(3 tries) typer. But thats not why I do this, I do this so I can let people know what is going on so my small talk can be cut down. Cause if you think of it all a “Blog” is, is just small talk, no one is changing the world on Word Press. So I will begin the conversation here and when people are like “hey what do you have going on?” I will be like “check the blog”– But after reading this questions should be like  “hey how was that show you did” or “good luck there, Mark”… So in short blogs are the small talk of the internet, or actually the internet is the small talk of the world…


So this is whats going on, I am currently on a 9 college tour with Comedy Records, that has been amazing so far we are in the East Coast and have done 2 shows already. Venues are crazy and audiences are good. Next week we will be in New Bruinwick and finish off in PEI. Also I entered the World Series of Comedy and got in, so Sept.16th I will be flying from Moncton to Vegas to hopefully get passed a couple rounds, the grand prize is 52 weeks of club work in the States which should be pretty good. I will be staying in a room with Eric Andrews so it should be good either way.












We have officially launched the club and I could not say thanks enough, the first show was sold out, and the second week was not but the audience’s were there and it was a awesome crowd, we are in our 3 week this week and its our first 4 show weekend, and happy to say we have Rob Mailloux headlining and Mike Rita MCing. We have launched the process we will be doing for comics to get stage time who are not booked on the show, so lets say Ossington will have a couple comics walking about with flyers… The thing that I personally can’t wait for is Sept. 21-22 because that is the day we film the first episodes of The NEW STAND UP COMEDY SHOW that will be filmed for national tv which will have 18 episodes featuring 54 comics and will be filming till about January, the shows will be free for the tapings!!! More info to come soon Twitter: @lotcomedy


So last year I was in a movie “Picture Day” and I was pumped to hear that it got in this years TIFF and not only that but the movie has been blowing up and is featured in the top 12 must see of Tiff. I myself have never even been to TIFF so I think that a good first appearance would be in a movie there.

Twitter: @itspictureday Here is the Trailer ———-

Well thanks for reading and hopefully see you at some shows, or something, and remember this whole thing was written left handed, no big deal. Love, Mark


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