August is here…

Hey everyone so its August and that means a lot of stuff, summer is ending cottages are packed and a made up long weekend.

In all this mess there is a lot going on in the comedy world this month, at least with me.

I have a couple things that I am starting, apart of and continuing.



Aug 14th I am in the 3rd annual Pilot week, that is held at Comedy Bar its a free show and will be at 930pm. The pilot that got picked is “The Porn Therapist” which is about a student who just graduates from med school and can’t get a job in his field due to a “shady” past, his only hope is to start a business with his free-lance porn writing room mate…







Also I am happy to take part in Funny Man Presents; Which is a show with a crazy line up that will make for an awesome show which will be Aug 17th..

The 25th of August will be the Grand opening of “Stand up @thelot which I will be co-running with Garrett Jamieson our opining night is going to be crazy we have Ryan Belleville headlining Jeff Leeson hosting and  party that is going to be insane!!! Follow us on Twitter @lotcomedy




Come out to this Aug 25th 10pm $12/ticket or 2 for $20!!!






Lastly is a monthly show that has been going on now for almost a year and its just been getting crazier and crazier so make sure you come to the Twitter Gong Show Aug.28th and you will see stuff you have never even thought of, I promise that much… Follow us ono Twitter @livegongshow









That is all for now and I will think of a blog to blog about until than, please like share and spread the word. Its going to be a crazy month





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