July is a month

Hey everyone so he is going to be the business end of my blog where I tell you whats going on in my world with out making my self look like a fool, so I just wanted to let you know that I have a bunch of shows happening this month, and will somehow end up in Winnipeg!!! I know. Just want to say that the ‘BadFella’s” shows have been going awesome and we finally have a new poster to show off, in this one I don’t look like a vampire, or the Phantom of the Opera

There it is, pretty cool. Anyways check out my upcoming show’s and hopefully see you soon, I will have a new posting this month about my 1 day trip to New York where let me just say one day is not enough…

Also here is the link to the “BadFella’s” Promo video (not finished)

Promo Video


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