I am an “Organic” righter…

Hey world here is my monthly late blog about something stupid. I have come to terms with the fact that i am a organic writer when it comes to my writing when I say this i mean typing on a computer. I am at the point where i just go with the flow and whatever ends up on paper is what i send out, no spell check no grammar nothing. My reasoning behind this is I can’t edit my words when I talk so i don’t like the fact that i have to do it in an email. This post has been lightly edited so the people who come here can understand it but mark my words this is the last I am going hippy on the computer and flowing baby the shoes are off as of now.

PS- I know about the title, did it to make a point-

Also want to thank everyone that has been supporting shows that I have been producing they have been going well and getting better this month I am on the brink of having a heart attack so if you don’t want to see me die please come out and support and i promise you after this we can all rest…

Twitter Gong Show NXNE

BadFellas Comedy Tour

In other news I am starting a line of clothes called “BitterWare” here is a sample I am in the process now of getting them made so get ready world(these will be checked for spelling)


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