I hate blogging but want you to look at my web site

I think its pretty obvious that I am not a man of the printed word i feel like blogging is a new way for people to talk and I think we have enough ways as it is (cell phones, videos, paintings and good old fashion talking). I feel like we are creating all these new languages in a way where some people speak them better than others, like text messaging for example, before you had to speak Italian to your friend to trash talk some one in front of you but now, you can all be speaking english and text your friend about how stupid this guys face is and he has no idea. In the end all I am saying is I am still trying to figure out English so until that is good don’t expect me to have  crazy blog about thoughts that I could just tell you in conversation. But please check my site out and what ever else I am doing,



Twittergongshow May 29th The Rivoli

My shows are updated so hopefully see you out there 

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4th episode of Hashtag


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