Monthly Update.. Sorry Im Late

First thing my goals for the next year are..

  1. Getting a website with a loading bar.
  2. Doing Comedy Festivals that give you Jackets
  3. Learn how to read Scripts and what things mean in them

Hey 1 person hope you enjoy this post, this month has been action packed. Started off with a move back downtown, so its good to be back in action. That was followed by an awesome show at Massy Hall with host Jon Dore, the Doo Wops Carla Collins and Headliner Mike MacDonald.. All in all it was an awesome show. Than there is a couple one off shows I will be doing. The newest addition to my career was also made this month when I booked my first movie role, as  principle character. Now for people who are like me and know nothing about movies. Its not as a principle its like 5th string or something I am not actually sure what it means, but I got lines and there is 2 days of filming. The only catch was I had to dye my hair so I lost my grey hairs and now have some brown/black thing going on which will last until I cut it out. As for my other goals I have not reached them yet, I have learned that patience is huge in this business so I am in no rush to get a web site with a loading bar. But as for the festivals I do love jackets.

There is probably more stuff going on but i cant remember so check out the new show posting on my website and hopefully see you soon.

Check out my show this month at The Underground Comedy Club (Clandestiny)

Mark DeBonis’ Back Burner Ramblings

This Month with

Ian Gordan

Chris Locke

Special Guest: Nick Flanagan



Thanks People and see you soon


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