People may actually read this(but probably not)

Hey everyone whats going on, I have realized that i suck at blogging and probably will never be good at it, but that does not bother me i will have to find a new way to keep in touch with who ever comes across this site mostly by accident. My Blogs are either too long or dont make sense so until i find a new form of talking to you i am just gonna let you know about a couple media things i will be apart of for the next couple week-

June 3rd i will be on Daytime Toronto on Rogers TV airing at 10am-3pm-12am

June 9-20th I will have an ad in the Now Magazine promoting my website, shows and MDB services

June 30th-July 7th I will be on XM Radio with Ben Miner

More Details to come with all and until i find a better way I will just talk to you in person like humans used too do.


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