Hey so this year i won the Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off. It was held at yuk Yuks Downtown Toronto or also known as the “SuperClub”. The whole experience was something i have never been apart of before. I was really happy just too make it too the finals, cause the comics that were there are all amazing. The thing i hate the most about the whole process is that we have to stay in the venue all day until show time, its like starring the beast in the eyes, but not in a way where you can show confidence by facing the music and over coming but in a way where the best is watching you from home on a tv screen, but really its not even there its out doing whatever a beast would do all day until the times comes that they have to go to a comedy show that night. What i am trying too say is the beast is the crowd, not the venue. Either than all the waiting and the new saying I heard 1000 times “Hurry up and wait” i have no complaints the whole show from start too finish as awesome, and my set was nothing i would be ashamed off. When ever i write i joke i have points where i would like too get laughs and most of the time those points are not hit, but sunday i am confident too say that every point i wanted to hit got hit.

As you may or may not be able too see i really dont look too happy in that pic, and too be honest with you i dont know what i am in that pic. All i know is, I was using all my brain power not too pass out, cause it almost happened. After the show there were lights, and cameras everywhere and people talking and waiting and just having a good time. I was happy too meet all the judges which hopefully one day will remember me and keep the momentum going in my career. Anyways i am still trying too figure out this whole blog system and how to get a good blog going so for the 3 people that read this thanks and for all the others i will see you in real life.

Also I would like too add that the poster is done for the DVD and we are now in motion with promo and setting everything up all we can do now is see you June 4th at The Hardluck Bar in Toronto 812 Dundas street


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