Stand up in New York

So first off, this was supposed to update this a while ago, but I have had no access to a computer. Also just an update NOT ONE PERSON has emailed me for a power lunch. So lets get on this people.

Well this is Part 2 of the New YOrk experience, all stage talk baby and let me tell you it was rough:

My first show in NY was at Broadway comedy club, licked out and got a spot on the open mic on a Sunday. Now just like any comedy show you go to and know no one, you get bumped.Alot. So I got bumped like 4 spots and finally got on, this was the moment I was waiting for New York, New York the big Apple, stand up comedians dream. I get on and bomb, and this was not just a little bomb it was as bad as it can get with out some one bottling me. I get off and now want to quit stand up comedy cause i felt like a fraud. everything that I thought about this industry was all wrong. So I walk out now with no respect from the audience, and even worse my golden ticket to the other shows; the comedians. No one would talk to me but Garrett who I came up with. Drinking a beer now and thinking my life over, Garrett came over with some news that sparked my passion back alive. In New York there is this spot on the show called the “cheque” spot, and what this means is the bill is brought out to everyone cause there is a 2 drink minimum at comedy shows, so everyone is looking at there bill. This spot is normally given to people who are not liked or in my case people who are unknown. The cheque spot is funny cause every comic has theories about how to and what to do during it, some preform to the girls cause they dont pay (this is what i was told, not my thought) some do material they are working on, and some people just flat out do jokes. In short the ball was not in my court, for that show. Feeling a little better now I try and talk to  comics but the New York attitude is something I do not want to suck up too.

Second show I did was at 4 in the afternoon at a bar called “Bar 82” maybe. Now this was a true open mic where there was only comics and everyone just wanted to get up so they were not laughing unless they knew you or if it was at there own joke. The show was a 2 parter it started off with a “Riff” section than the “Real” show. Met some comics here and had a good time, than went off to another show at the New York Comedy Club. Open mic also and also another $5, at this point we were down at least $20 each due to fees and drink minimums. Now this was the show were I was not mad in the long run for paying to play, only because I finally felt normal again on stage, no audience all comics and a weird but interesting host who’s stage persona is a split personality of him and a murderer(sounds weird but is actually pretty funny) NOw from this show we did what any comic I know does but apparently not a lot in NY and it was leave after our set to go to another show. which was frowned upon by other comics cause we were the new guys and we didn’t care about any one after us, but to be honest I am not performing to watch other people as bad as it sounds. So we left that show and went to ANOTHER that night, thats right 4 shows deep and probably 2 audience members through out the whole night. The last show was on first glance gonna be a disaster but turned out too have a big audience (which we found out was all comics, who we have not seen yet) This show I did not do too well on but Garrett destroyed it for sure. Now we were off for the night and had to find something too do.

Last show I played in NY was a showcase at Broadway comedy club or a agent who I came down too see. I was really nervous cause I had my theories on the New York comedy scene and a lot of them did not play in my favor. I thought that you had to start strong (in a loud and fast tone) and use race, sex, and or drug material with I don’t really have any off, but I do have a couple “Rant style” jokes. I was given mins at this club which I only got on because of a wonderful man named Chris Murphey, and I went on before Rick Vos. I had my set in my head that I was gonna do, and really nervous cause it was the first real show I am doing, not only at a club which I would like to work at one day, and not only one of the most hated comics by the other comics cause I got a spot and they didn’t, but the fact that I was showcasing for a agency that realisticly if I signed with them my life could change a lot. So ya I was scared, I went up and changed my set as I was walking too the stage and made sure the host did not mention I am from Toronto, but he did anyways, and I started talking and it was just like I was back in Toronto, the set went amazing best set I had all week for sure, so I walk off happy with my self and happy that the booker saw me do well. But he did not come and talk to me, he sat and watch Rick and who ever else was on the show, than finally got up to leave and we caught eyes and I went out with him and he said “Good job, let me know when your back in New York”. I was thinking, wow for real thats it I cant believe this, than I started regretting the material I did and was brought down lower than I was when I bombed the first show in New York. Feeling like a piece of garbage I stayed the last day in NY and came back to Toronto not knowing anything but just next time I am there to email this guy so we can meet again.

I eneded up going to New York twice in 2 weeks, and realized 2 important things, I am not sure if I said this in the first blog. But the first thing was “Comics suck everywhere” that was a huge eye opener for me and motivated me to work harder. Second I dont know if its just me or everyone but in my eyes their is no such thing as a good first impression in NY cause everything I did for the first time blew up in my face, but the second it was good. Thats the way I look at my self as a person, first time you meet me your like who is this bum, second time your like “he’s growing on me” than finally your like alright this guy is not too shabby. So I understand you New York, well atleast in my twisted reality I do and too me thats good enough.

Love Mark


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